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You may have come onto this website as you are suffering with Inflammatory symptoms or a need to improve your health.  We provide fast effective RESULTS, returning you to great health rapidly. Within this practice, Nutritional support is combined with Rapid Transformational Therapy TM, Clinical Hypnotherapy and vast clinical experience to optimise effective, rapid and lasting results. These therapies can be used along with genetic DNA testing as requested.  This multifaceted approach is focused on providing a complete solution ensuring effective improvements and results to chronic disease.   I specialise in Inflammatory Disorders, Autoimmune, Gut Health and Immunity with up to date scientifically proven methods. This is tailored to the needs of each individual client.

About Me

My name is Claire Russell and my passion and mission in this life is to get results for my clients quickly,  ‘leaving no stone unturned’ approach.  Knowing from personal and professional experience the benefits of good real food in improving and transforming chronic health conditions. However, this is only part of the solution. With the advances in neuroscience, we understand fully the physical effect old beliefs and patterns have on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Through this combined approach the results are akin to pressing the reset button.   I am excited to ensure lasting results and change, to occur in you and your life.  Sessions are individual, sensitive, results orientated, achieving lasting results for my clients.     

As well as running a busy Nutritional Therapy, RTT and Clinical Hypnotherapy Health Therapy practice based in Limerick, Co Limerick, Ireland, monthly in London, Uk where I work with people one to one and in groups, I also work throughout Ireland, UK, Europe, USA and Internationally via Skype and Zoom, which is equally effective in achieving successful lasting results .  I am a fully accredited and registered member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland, National council of Psychotherapists, International Council of Psychotherapists, General Hypnotherapy Register and Royal Society of Medicine. Please contact me to arrange your free call to see how we can restore your health. 

Claire Russell

What People Say

I have been suffering debilitating painful inflammatory symptoms for 35 years. I tried everything, medication, countless therapies to manage the pain, and get them to stop. My symptoms are GONE. Truly and fully gone because of the RTT work I did with Claire. It blows my mind and has completely changed my life in every aspect. Thank you Claire!
My teenage daughters have both done RTT with Claire and it has been amazing for both of them. Claire made them feel so comfortable and built great rapport with both girls. They cannot believe the difference in all aspects of their health & life since! I’ve seen huge improvements in not only their health but their behavior, choices they are making and their self-confidence. Their weight has returned to normal and now enjoy real food. I highly recommend Claire and her RTT program.
Highly recommend Claire! I was both skeptical and curious about RTT when I signed up but having having tried everything else I can tell you it was certainly the best investment I have ever made; my health has been completely transformed and it not only helped me make peace with my past, but it also created a foundation for me to celebrate now and look forward to my future with excitement and anticipation.

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