Work with Claire Russell Therapy ONLINE, Limerick, Cork

Empowering adults, teens and children to achieve full and complete well-being is my driving passion. My mission is to expedite transformative outcomes for my clients through a complete comprehensive approach. Throughout my professional and personal life experiences, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of great mental and emotional health, along with wholesome nutritional changes in alleviating and reversing serious and chronic health conditions.

However, counselling, psychotherapy or food and nutrition alone is not the complete solution. With the advancements in neuroscience, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of the physical influence of ingrained belief systems, thoughts, trauma, and patterns have on our physical, mental, and emotional health. By integrating these perspectives, with the most up to date neuroscience, we can achieve results akin to resetting your body’s internal operating system.

I’m excited to work with you and guide you towards lasting health, happiness, energy and wellness. Changes that extend to your mental, emotional, your health and physical well-being, along with your overall life trajectory. My therapy sessions are individually tailored to your life, your health problems and your specific needs. Ensuring confidentiality, sensitivity, and a RESULTS-oriented focus that drives enduring SUCCESS for all my clients.

ONLINE, & IN-PERSON Therapy Sessions in Newcastle west, Limerick and Youghal, Cork


Claire Russell Therapy has created a dynamic practice that combines the power of multiple modalities into one. While conventional therapy can help with mental health issues, or physical body health problems. This multifaceted approach helps you towards lasting change, mentally, emotionally and physically. Moving you forward toward your goal, your happiness and healthy future. An action-oriented approach that helps you create conscious tools you can utilise on a daily basis. We can also working deeper if you choose, using your subconscious mind with the power of RTT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, or mind coaching. Allowing you to create lasting behavioural shifts that empower you and change your life.

Our dynamic work is a collaborative experience. Leaving our sessions with new tools that shift your energy, habits and awareness to proactivity. Going from being stuck, poor health mentally or physically. To accomplishing and achieving not just wellness, but also your physical, emotional and mental health goals, quickly.