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Nutritional Therapy

No two people’s health or life journeys are the same. I work with your individual specific health and dietary needs, preferences, goals and lifestyle. We get to the root of the issues & help you with personalised nutrition & lifestyle to great health, weight, energy and happiness.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a proven scientific evidence based therapy, with proven record, and a wealth of research. We empower your subconscious mind, with hypnosis, mind coaching, RTT or Clinical Medical Hypnotherapy. Achieving your goals, great health, happiness, wellness, and confidence. Rewriting physical health, mental health & emotional issues


Providing Counselling and Psychotherapy, committed to helping you understand and overcome your particular issues. Your mental, emotional, spiritual wellness IS within reach, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way back to your peace, happiness and well being.

nutrition, counselling, hypnotherapy & mind coaching

Claire Russell Therapy

Hi, I’m Claire. My passion and mission in this life is to get results for my clients quickly, ‘leaving no stone unturned’ approach. Knowing from personal and professional experience the benefits of good real food in improving and transforming chronic health conditions. However, this is only part of the solution. With the advances in neuroscience, we understand fully the physical effect old beliefs and patterns have on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Through this combined approach the results are akin to pressing the reset button. I am excited to work with you to ensure lasting results and change, occur in your health, well-being, and in your life. Sessions are individual, sensitive, results orientated, achieving lasting results for my clients.

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happy clients


“Claire has utterly changed my life. My energy, happiness and contentment is unbelievable. All my friends and family have been commenting on my skin, weight loss and good form! 5 stars! She is so good at really listening, gives clear useful information delivered in a thoughtful, warm, kind and professional way. Thank you very much Claire! 5 Stars! ”

Daragh M. Sligo

“Claire has been invaluable in getting my energy, digestive system and general health back on track after a year which included an operation,  antibiotics, and Covid twice. She’s a great listener and is inspiring in terms of the benefits of improving your diet, gut and overall health – I’d highly recommend her for specific ailments and/or a general MOT ”

Sarah R. London

“I came to Claire with Diabetes and following my second Autoimmune diagnosis.  Now just months later – ALL have been reversed! My blood tests have come back clear again and confirmed by my GP! I cannot thank Claire enough, she has turned my life, and my relationship with my partner and family around. The relief and peace I finally have are profound. Thank you Claire!! Everyone is commenting how well I look! ”

Nora R, Co Limerick

“Having suffered for years with insomnia and ever-increasing anxiety, I had a consultation with Claire. Within 3 or 4 days I noticed a major improvement in my anxiety levels. My sleep has also improved. I can’t emphasise enough what a difference Claire’s recommendations have made to my ability to manage my stress and anxiety levels, I’m very glad that I decided to seek her help.”

Mary K. Wexford