Come to terms with trauma

Using hypnosis we seeks to understand a patient’s unresolved trauma


We also try to understand how trauma is related to issues such as addiction, depression, and anxiety. Trauma can refer to issues that were one-time occurrences, such as being the victim of a natural disaster or a crime, as well as suffering prolonged trauma due to domestic violence, child abuse or military combat exposure.

Living with trauma can have a huge impact on daily life. This is because the level of emotional arousal about the memory is too high to be processed through the brain. Stress hormones, such as cortisol are still attached to the memory, and get produced whenever you bring the memory to mind, either consciously or subconsciously.

Events that occurred years ago, can still feel as if they happened yesterday.

People often think that, in time these memories will fade. However memories of times and events that are still wrapped in trauma need help to be processed through the brain and into the long-term memory.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy cannot remove traumatic events, but it can directly address the event(s) and their effects


Hypnotherapy allows clients to access information and memories that are stored in their physical bodies, their subconscious mind, and their energetic fields. The actual traumatic event can be examined; the wide array of emotion surrounding it can be calmed, processed, and expressed; any negative conclusions or beliefs (that have often directly contributed to life-long behavioral patterns) can be released and transformed.


Hypnoanalysis and hypnosis provides a gentle and effective evidence-based tool to heal trauma


Hypnosis provides controlled access to memories that may otherwise be kept out of consciousness. In a hypnotherapy session, the client is given multiple tools, resources, and opportunities to take back a sense of control. The use of hypnosis in the therapy of PTSD victims involve coupling access to the dissociated traumatic memories with positive restructuring of those memories.