Claire Russell NUTRITIONIST FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Nutritional Functional Medicine Therapy, and how can it help me?

A: Functional Medicine is a personalised health care, nutrition and food care strategy, that goes beyond traditional Nutritional Therapy and Nutrition Services and treatments. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, hormonal related issues, skin conditions or chronic disease, chronic pain or chronic health issues like autoimmune diseases, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, or mood disorders. A functional medicine approach with nutritional therapy could be the turning point in your health, energy and life. I work closely with any existing health care plans.  Not just focusing on nutrition, diet and lifestyle to address the deep-rooted causes of your health conditions and symptoms.


Q: What should I expect when I visit a Functional Medicine nutritional therapist?

A: Visiting a nutritional therapist who incorporates Functional Medicine in practice (such as Claire Russell Reg. Nutritionist) means you’re stepping into a space where your health story and health history is fully heard. Whether you’re grappling with:

  Anxiety, Mood issues, Weight Loss issues, PMS, PCOS, Hormone, Fertility, Weight management issues, low energy, blood sugar issues, diabetes, skin conditions or a complex condition like autoimmune disease, inflammatory issues, or depression.

Each session is tailored to understand you deeply. We look at your history, health journey, and the unique way your life and body works, and help you back to recovery and happiness quickly.

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Q: How does a Functional Medicine Therapy session contribute to my well-being?

A: My nutritional therapy sessions are designed with your whole well-being in mind. Not just about what’s happening inside your body, but also how your environment and emotional health play a part. By using the latest scientific research, neuroscience and your health details, together we craft a nutritional plan that supports your journey to wellness, and a vibrant, healthier life.


Q: Can Nutritional Functional Medicine offer a better practitioner-patient relationship?

A: Yes, this approach is based on a partnership that’s built on trust, clear vision of your goals and mutual understanding. I am not just your nutritional therapist or health counsellor;  but your ally in health. Listening to your experiences, health needs and learning about your lifestyle, we create a space where you can take an active role in your health decisions, leading to a more energised, well and empowered you.


Q: What’s the treatment philosophy of Functional Medicine Nutrition?

A: At the heart of Functional Medicine Nutrition is a simple yet powerful philosophy: treat the full person, not just the symptom. If you’re tired of one size fits all solutions and are seeking a more targeted approach to conditions like anxiety, depression, inflammation, weight loss, autoimmune, fertility or hormonal issues or menopause, our Functional Medicine framework is designed to address the specific factors contributing to your condition, paving the way for more effective and lasting healing.


Embarking on a health journey can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our Nutritional Functional Medicine approach is here to guide you toward wellness with care that’s as unique as you are. Reach out to Claire today ONLINE or in-person in Newcastle west, Limerick, Youghal, Cork to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

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